RATH® Leadership Team

RATH® Leadership Team

In addition to exceptional product quality and customer support, we as a team believe that ongoing education is paramount to your professional development and our continuous improvement. Our goal is to provide relevant information to help you make the right decisions to Connect and Protect People.
Our commitment to your success will be found in the quality of our products and professionalism of our staff from the first inquiry to years after installation.

Sales Specialists
Rob Tschimperle, National Sales
Manager - Life Safety
Rob Tschimperle
National Sales Manager
Life Safety

Email Rob Tschimperle
800-451-1460 x125
Zack Devine, National Sales
Manager - Public Safety
Zack Devine
National Sales Manager
Public Safety

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800-451-1460 x156
Chris Greco, Northeast Sales Manager
Chris Greco
Sales Manager

Email Chris Greco
800-451-1460 x109
Tim Jacobsen, Southeast Regional Sales Manager
Tim Jacobsen
Southeast Regional
Sales Manager

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800-451-1460 x102

Customer Service & Inside Sales
Lisa Niehoff, Customer Service/Inside Sales
Lisa Niehoff
Customer Service
Inside Sales

Email Lisa Niehoff
800-451-1460 x124
Cory Fuller, Inside Sales
Cory Fuller

Email Cory Fuller
800-451-1460 x112
Denise Pena, Inside Sales
Denise Pena

Email Denise Pena
800-451-1460 x107

Management & Operations
Courtney Bohman, General Manager  Americas
Courtney Bohman
General Manager

Email Courtney Bohman
800-451-1460 x110
Ken Mills, Operations Manager
Ken Mills

Email Ken Mills
800-451-1460 x108
Dianne Bush, Engineering & Technical Services Manager
Dianne Bush
Engineering & Technical
Services Manager

Email Dianne Bush

800-451-1460 x117
Jerry Last, Technical Sales Manager
Jerry Last
Sales Manager

Email Jerry Last

800-451-1460 x126
Scott Olds, Purchasing Manager
Scott Olds

Email Scott Olds
800-451-1460 x131
Janet Sheets, Human Resources Generalist
Janet Sheets
Human Resources

Email Janet Sheets

800-451-1460 x123
Elliott Touchett, Data Operations Manager
Elliott Touchett
Data Operations

Email Elliott Touchett
800-451-1460 x159

Marketing Communications
Nicole Leiberis, Marketing Manager
Nicole Leiberis
Marketing Manager

Email Nicole Leiberis

800-451-1460 x153
Daniel Goldstein, Head of Strategic Marketing
Daniel Goldstein
Head of Strategic Marketing
Email Daniel Goldstein
800-451-1460 x129
Kristin Stricker, Webmaster & Animation
Kristin Stricker
Webmaster & Animation
Email Kristin Stricker
800-451-1460 x122

RATH® Leadership Team