RATH®  Communications - Company History

RATH® has been in business since 1985 selling handset phones.
  • Elevator phones were introduced next in 1989
  • Blue Light Phone systems, Area of Refuge systems, Intercoms and Nurse Call systems have been added into the emergency communication lineup as well
2017 - RATH® introduces their Nurse Call System

2011 - RATH® introduces their Intercom System

2009 - RATH® introduces their Area of Refuge System

2005 - RATH® introduces their Blue Light Phones

1989 - RATH® introduces first true ADA compliant Elevator Emergency Phone

1986 - RATH® introduces direct dial telephone for the Taxi and Rental Car company industries

1985 - RATH® is the first to introduce an automatic dialer into a standard handset phone